Mother’s Day In California

Why not have a BBQ this MOTHER’s DAY?  It’s such a beautiful day I immediately jumped at the chance to kayak.  Our weather has been chilly lately and it really feels like Summer.  So time to spend a least rely holiday with the family. And there was no intention to post today,  wanted to share this great marinade That’s evolved in our household.  I’m not a big meat eater, but this will woo any mom. 

Marinade 1# of select meat (we chose top loin). Other options:



Secret Marinade

1T toasted pumpkin oil 

1/4 c Sesame Oil 

1/4 c cooking wine

2T Greek yogurt (optional)

“Secret Seasonings” 

Pink salt and pepper to taste

Whisk together and marinade. 
Pop the corn on the grill and cook until done on top rack 

Meat is grilled to taste. 
Serving Suggestions:

Mixed Herb Salad with tomatoes 
Seasonal | Local produce (we chose corn on the cob)

Sweet cornbread GF 
RESOURCES: All of these products are available at your local grocer or TJs. Impress her and yourself.   

The Root of Better Sex?

The Root of Better Sex?

A root vegetable, maca (Lepidium meyenii) has been cultivated for more than 2,000 years in the highlands of the South American Andes, as well as in Peru, Argentina, Bolivia, and Paraguay.

Because maca is about 11% protein, it is a highly nutritious staple of South American cuisine. It can be baked, roasted, prepared as porridge, and even made into a fermented drink. However, natives of the Andes consider fresh maca to be harmful, so they only consume this vegetable after it has been dried and then boiled to rehydrate it.

But maca isn’t just valued for its culinary potential.

See, South Americans have used the root to help enhance fertility in both animals and people. Not long after their conquest in South America, the Spanish found that their livestock were reproducing poorly and local Indians recommended giving maca to the animals. The Spanish found the results so remarkable that they chronicled the effects.

Maca was popular for other reasons, too. Inca warriors are said to have used maca to increase their energy and vitality – but they were prohibited from consuming it after battle, supposedly to protect women from their increased impulses.

Perhaps it’s tales like these that have helped foster maca’s reputation as an aphrodisiac. Indeed, today maca is available in a variety of supplemental forms, including powder, capsules, and tonics. It’s marketed as a way to improve function in both men and women, as well as increase fertility.

The folklore is certainly intriguing. But how does maca measure up in scientific research?

A Libido Letdown…

Laboratory research has identified a number of potentially important compounds in maca, including macaene and macamide, fatty acids that some investigators believe may improve performance. However, the actual effect of these substances is still unclear.

Despite the impressive claims for maca, most of the evidence for this supplement comes from animal studies. For example, one study of male rats found that those given maca experienced enhanced function. Studies have also looked at the effects of maca on male and female fertility in animals, but results are mixed.1

As for human clinical trials, there appear to be just two that have examined maca for sexuality. The first, a double-blind, placebo-controlled trial of men aged 21 to 56, investigated the effects of 1,500 or 3,000 mg of maca or a placebo on the men’s libido.

After 12 weeks, the researchers found that men taking maca did experience an increase in desire, although the supplement did not affect levels of testosterone or other hormones.2

But there’s a problem: Most men who experience sexual issues do so because of impaired function (such as impotence), not because of decreased desire. So while this study had a positive outcome, it does nothing to support the widespread claim that maca acts like a “natural Viagra”.

Another small study of just 9 men found that taking either 1,500 mg or 3,000 mg of maca daily for 4 months was associated with increased sperm count and sperm function. Yet this trial did not use a control group and is not considered a gold-standard study.3

Meanwhile, there are not yet any human studies of maca’s purported benefits for female fertility or function. And the supplement does not appear to increase levels or testosterone or any other hormones in people.4

Success is…


This statement resonated from my Father countless times. Did I listen? I respected it. When I read it on #FireSS, I hear it again – Truth.

“When passion is a priority— passion for family, for vocation, for meaning— your energy intensifies. And when your energy is more focused, more “aimed,” you begin to care less about the things that don’t really matter . You reach out and get the help you need to pull off the important things. You avoid crappy jobs; you stop trying to control the people around you; you complain less and appreciate more. Full-on living includes fantastic productivity and immense stillness, self-centeredness and self-sacrifice, time to flare and space to fizzle. Up close, or by the standards of those who prefer the safety of balance, it may look off-kilter, but when you step back, you might see a masterpiece called Your Life, Lived. Priceless. THIS IS IT: THE SECRET TO SUCCESS
Remember you heard it here first.


Favorite Kitchen Tool?

What is your favorite piece of kitchen gear that helps you (& your family) stay happy and healthy?

Read on to find out mine…

I have been feeling a bit down lately and noticed my body changing as well. I feel the BodyMind is so attuned that I wondered how much my environment influences my apparent grieving.

Drawing on my own resources, I decided to start my experiment with my pantry – a spring-cleaning of sorts to get things moving.

Later, I decided to dig up some hard data related to anything that I felt may be involved in this Biologic mixup and intuitively began with researching gluten at and a book from a classmate Kick Pain in the Kitchen (Barbara Searles) who had mentioned Amino Acids are not com merely gluten-free. (Not to blame them, but now curious.)

Question: Does Bragg’s Amino Acids actually contain gluten? (& why does Jennifer V Jones name pop up every time I type in gluten? hah!) 😶

PS. Check out my newly designed pantry – not perfect for gluten-free living – but I do have the family to consider while role-modeling good nutrition. **Check out the Lazy Susan! Best underused kitchen equipment ever!!


Sustained Wellness

Auld Lang Syne!
Auld Lang Syne, my friends…

“We turn not older with years, but newer every day.” Emily Dickinson

I am so blessed and grateful for this year of The Tower for me, anyway. 2014 has finally come to a successful close. My book is finished and ready for editing, marketing and publication. Being that I am already starting the second in a series, I’d call that a success. (More on that later)

If you’ve ever tried to make a New Year Resolution, you can understand the frustration when it’s sabotaged yet again! Since I gave up Blaming & Excuses, I was stuck with looking at the mirror when I felt a ‘saboteur’ in my midst. Painful but effective. My sense of humor has since kicked in handling the brutal reality of this Truth. Staying active and meditation helped too.

Now what? I’ve accomplished priceless goals that took all year, 4 seasons, to assimilate into my lifestyle for good. As mentioned earlier, I move on to an even loftier goal – sell my book. (I could say that wasn’t my main objective, but the income could go to a good cause – say my child’s education.). Seriously, this has been my usual attempt at a Resolution, but at a higher level of accountability. Scary, but well worth the effort and patience. I have a long way to go still, yet I feel I have made the most difficult step – commitment. (Fellow bloggers, you know what I’m talking about.)

I’m interested, did you resonate with the quote above? Unless you’re under 35 (we love you too!), I have been working with most clients like you, from 35 to 97. The scope of my practice being sports injuries in competitive athletes. Key word here – competitive. That one thing alone is responsible for 75% of my business. Some of us just don’t know when to say when. lol.

I present this new book as a gift of my perspective, education, experience and intuition for you to keep as a reminder or give as a gift to someone who has been a big part of your life this past year. Your success in meeting goals is my motivation to continue on my life path of natural affordable wellness. There is a renaissance in healthcare happening right now that will only continue into 2015 and beyond. Curious? Look into it – be a part of the Revolution Solution®!

Respect Yourself!

All Wounded Healers have a calling full of roadblocks and inner demons to struggle with in a very limited time allotted to create on this exquisite Earth. And being a holistic wounded healer, we realize that we do not exist in a vacuum, but as one universal living, breathing organism.

What are the memories that stand out for you in 2014?

Look up to the stars tonight and make a promise to yourself to take a baby step to a healthy lifestyle starting NOW.

Let’s be the change we want to see in our world be changed. It’s been said that to have the self knowledge without self change is virtually self abuse. Obviously, I’ve added another component to this equation … Knowledge – Sharing = Denial
YOU can make a difference if you really want it. If I can do it, my guess is my friend so can you.

“Beauty is a Gift of God.” Unknown

Beauty has been said to be only skin deep and in the eye of the beholder. While a superficial definition of being fabulous seemingly exist from without. In actuality, beauty is from within. When all the conditions prescribed in this book are followed faithfully, your MindBodySpirit will be harmonized becoming a more symmetrical and whole human being. Is beauty a gift? If so, give it to yourself. You are in the driver’s seat – are you mindful of your journey?

PreOrders are being taken now at
Contact Support with New Book in Subject Line and we will reserve a copy for you at the Introductory price of $9.99 & an excerpt will be emailed to you right away. You will have the option to receive weekly or monthly newsletters, or you can just tune in here anytime! And because I love you guys so much, I’ve included an opportunity to access 2 FREE chapters of Integrative Nutrition, NY Times Bestseller, as well! Don’t wait until another year has gone by. I’m here to support you as a Certified Holistic Health Coach AND LEED Green Designer – talk about MindBodyGreen ( rocks!).

May you all enjoy a Fabulous New Year’s Eve and ring in the New Year safe and sane. My prayer for you is
hoping your internal holiday light will kindle the fire inside of you in a way that will make a difference in something greater than yourself in the coming year!

Thanks for joining in –
Happy 2015!!


Is Society our Extended MindBody?

A) Do you secretly believe that our minds really do ‘project’ our own perspective as a filter over an otherwise unbiased Reality?

 B) Or do you consider other’s thoughts as an individual and unique filter of their own making when considering negotiations, conversations or merely a casual conversation? 

 C) Perhaps it’s neither and you really don’t think about either point of view (POV) at all. Laugh it off, you think, since I don’t believe anyone else knows (or cares) anyhow. After all, it’s how my family has operated for generations.

 Which group do you fall into most of the time? Now depending on your POV, you probably have an entirely different result in conversations, relationships and life in general. I’m not a betting person, but in this case I’d put my money on B as perhaps the most successful in this selection. Not to say A or C aren’t a happy lot – in fact, no doubt they are. Ignorance is bliss, as they say.

Yet if we turn back to B, there is a peculiar stance these folks generally take that is somewhat baffling at times. As in, how do they do that – consistently – and manage a stress-free existence? Well, ask them if it’s true.

 But since you’re here, my theory goes like this:

Our subconscious is being formed from the time of conception through birth and very much in those formative years of our early innocence, just about 4 years old it seems. 

Continuing on in my very unscientific observation, we continue these formative habit-forming years until about 8 when we officially are expected to know the difference between right and wrong. How do we ‘know’ you say? It’s an instinctual predilection just as other mammals, birds so forth realize it’s time to migrate. Maybe it has something to do with that magnet in our heads and the North Pole. Google it – or wait for my book that will go into more detail. (Just don’t tell my Agent). Yet, I’m sure there are plenty of studies to prove otherwise – I am just the messenger – you decide here.

What about all sentient beings? Do they contribute to the world around us while we are busy making a living, do we even notice let alone care? I’d suggest to you, if you haven’t already, make a pact with Nature in 2015 and practice conscious awareness as often as possible and note what happens. I’d love to hear your perspective.

“A journey of 10,000 miles starts with one step.” (Paraphrased by a wise Guru)

Sat Nam – the Truth in me bows to the Truth in you