Why Epigenetics Matter

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Elle Kimi’s Happiness Handbook

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What is epigenetics and why should I care? If you suffer from anxiety (depression), then this may be of interest. Sorry it’s so late but my juices are flowing. 


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Anxiety and Epigenetics

Genetic predisposition can attribute to our anxiety. 

Epigenetics are the study of our ancestors DNA. While only 5% of our reactions or responses affect our actions, they are deep seated emotions (anxiety, depression, …) that are often attributed to past lives that are inescapable. Deepak Chopra’s latest book highlights the effect of our choices in life. 
In 1998 I came to the conclusion after being told by Sylvia Browne that past lives or not, I believe THIS is my Last life. She didn’t believe in the past life theory, nor does Deepak. In fact, they come from 2 different perspectives and now agree on this: Some of our memories are not our own, but the DNA inherited from our ancestors … 7 generations back. 

Stress can also created by finances – good and bad.  Sudden windfalls or loss of a job create the same stress. What differs is our reaction. 

I’ve been known to work difficult and challenging deadlines and pulling them off magically. It’s exciting projects like this that actually can cause the most collateral damage with a family. Similar to Ariana Huffington’s story who nearly worked herself to death, she also learned the value of rest. Who has time for rest? Vacations can be more exhausting than work! In my case, the past 7 yrs, especially the last 5, have been extremely tight – juggling long periods of unemployment between spouses, multiple jobs, going back to school – these can all add stress to relationships, especially within family. Owning my own business gives me job security and time freedom. 
Since the 2008 Recession, life changed drastically for most in the U.S. For us, we rode it out working for a client in Oklahoma City just before it hit our hometown hard. I continued my commute to Big Bear keeping my design business and property management profitable. Coming back two years later, we still had a house but now saw a need to relocate. 
Triggers? Different for everyone! Know thyself. It helps a lot to know your weaknesses in order to be better prepared. Think of all senses. Is Work a trigger? Is it the load (55 hrs/wk) or is it your boss? Maybe the light or smells? 
Anxiety with New Places or People? If it’s an irrational fear, my biggest and best tool was to (finally) say YES! for a measured amount of time and suck it up. For Shonda Rhimes she believes being your own person requires saying yes even when you’re not expected to. For me, I started with one week and watched it expand to a month, a year, and now a lifetime. Liberating! This truly gave me more confidence to do more scary crazy things I would usually avoid. 
Does Time heal all? Well no, not always. Sometimes Father Time needs some help. Enlist Mother Nature by all means, and don’t forget yourself. Only you are truly responsible for every reaction and subsequent life choices. Anxiety can be circumstantial or chronic. Who hasn’t experienced some stress around finances in the past 7 years? It’s been quite a test of character for most of us. Anxiety can cause one to age prematurely causing unwanted dis-ease let alone aesthetic concerns of biting nails and chewing on your lip.  
Treatment Options

Medication vs Meditation 

Do a cost benefit analysis – is a dry mouth worth minimizing 4 panic attacks a day? Or would ‘talk therapy’ help in the time that you could use PRN instead. (Self) Hypnosis and Meditation have been a blessing when changes need to be be made easing the transition in my life. I personally am trained in Hypnosis by my own dear mother, a clinical psychotherapist certified in hypnotherapy, who also used journaling as a personal escape hatch in her stressful field of psychiatry. Although rewarding, her inability to share her own experiences due to her license car restrictions. In fact, much of this book is indeed straight from my own journal. (See Facebook group, Happiness Handbook for the real journal). Spending time in nature is uplifting for many reasons. In fact, even a landscape picture or painting in your work space can aide in deeper breathing. 

Enjoy your life with healthy choices.  

Share it with joy. Dance like you mean it. 




This material is experiential and anecdotal not a medical diagnosis. If your symptoms last more than 2 weeks, you should consult your health professional. 

Neuroplasticity –https://youtu.be/NdqKhkma4Pg

Deepak Chopra, lecture at LinkedIn 11/20/15

Thrive, Arianna Huffington 2014

Year of Yes, Shonda Rhimes 2015

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