Favorite Kitchen Tool?

What is your favorite piece of kitchen gear that helps you (& your family) stay happy and healthy?

Read on to find out mine…

I have been feeling a bit down lately and noticed my body changing as well. I feel the BodyMind is so attuned that I wondered how much my environment influences my apparent grieving.

Drawing on my own resources, I decided to start my experiment with my pantry – a spring-cleaning of sorts to get things moving.

Later, I decided to dig up some hard data related to anything that I felt may be involved in this Biologic mixup and intuitively began with researching gluten at
http://www.celiac.com/articles/182/1/Unsafe-Gluten-Free-Food-List-Unsafe-Ingredients/Page1.html and a book from a classmate Kick Pain in the Kitchen (Barbara Searles) who had mentioned Amino Acids are not com merely gluten-free. (Not to blame them, but now curious.)

Question: Does Bragg’s Amino Acids actually contain gluten? (& why does Jennifer V Jones name pop up every time I type in gluten? hah!) 😶

PS. Check out my newly designed pantry – not perfect for gluten-free living – but I do have the family to consider while role-modeling good nutrition. **Check out the Lazy Susan! Best underused kitchen equipment ever!!


Author: giveback❤️

Just a gal makin' it in the world

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