Is Society our Extended MindBody?

A) Do you secretly believe that our minds really do ‘project’ our own perspective as a filter over an otherwise unbiased Reality?

 B) Or do you consider other’s thoughts as an individual and unique filter of their own making when considering negotiations, conversations or merely a casual conversation? 

 C) Perhaps it’s neither and you really don’t think about either point of view (POV) at all. Laugh it off, you think, since I don’t believe anyone else knows (or cares) anyhow. After all, it’s how my family has operated for generations.

 Which group do you fall into most of the time? Now depending on your POV, you probably have an entirely different result in conversations, relationships and life in general. I’m not a betting person, but in this case I’d put my money on B as perhaps the most successful in this selection. Not to say A or C aren’t a happy lot – in fact, no doubt they are. Ignorance is bliss, as they say.

Yet if we turn back to B, there is a peculiar stance these folks generally take that is somewhat baffling at times. As in, how do they do that – consistently – and manage a stress-free existence? Well, ask them if it’s true.

 But since you’re here, my theory goes like this:

Our subconscious is being formed from the time of conception through birth and very much in those formative years of our early innocence, just about 4 years old it seems. 

Continuing on in my very unscientific observation, we continue these formative habit-forming years until about 8 when we officially are expected to know the difference between right and wrong. How do we ‘know’ you say? It’s an instinctual predilection just as other mammals, birds so forth realize it’s time to migrate. Maybe it has something to do with that magnet in our heads and the North Pole. Google it – or wait for my book that will go into more detail. (Just don’t tell my Agent). Yet, I’m sure there are plenty of studies to prove otherwise – I am just the messenger – you decide here.

What about all sentient beings? Do they contribute to the world around us while we are busy making a living, do we even notice let alone care? I’d suggest to you, if you haven’t already, make a pact with Nature in 2015 and practice conscious awareness as often as possible and note what happens. I’d love to hear your perspective.

“A journey of 10,000 miles starts with one step.” (Paraphrased by a wise Guru)

Sat Nam – the Truth in me bows to the Truth in you


Author: giveback❤️

Just a gal makin' it in the world

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