Peace and Love to ALL

I for one have always looked forward to this time of year. Admittedly, not the easiest thing to do nowadays. So, this year I gave myself a Challenge to really be in the moment as a Present to myself. Treating this present moment as a gift is hardly off base, yet in real life impossible deadlines loom, obligatory celebrations beckon, the responsibility of gathering friends and family of course lie in whose lap?

While gifts and presents come in all shapes and sizes, I’m not here to support more materialistic spending. Yet, if spending is necessary, give wisely. Not only will your accountant be impressed, but you will be building a legacy for years to come. Find a true cause in need that you feel passionate about and give anonymously. Then, start giving (time, money, a smile) with the best of intentions and let others see – you will be giving the best gift of the season by your example.

My children (teens) have had it rough the last few years, so they think. Not giving in to the buzz on the media for more gadgets and toys, I decided to get creative. Writing a book just for them (OK, a LONG letter with lots of pictures) a few years back was the greatest gift of myself I could think of. Of course, they were dumbfounded but they were quite polite about it. I did give some unique items they needed that were hand crafted and fair trade. One year, same thing – another novella and an organic hemp ditty bag full of healthy goodies. You get the picture. My personal lesson was to embrace my imperfections as perfect – for me at that time and moment.

I’d love to hear about your stories BELOW to inspire me and others. Needless to say, I’ve been successful in spreading cheer and goodwill from within. As ironic as this sounds, this year more than ever, l practice disciplined self-care (doesn’t that sound like fun) while focusing on Giving to others. Balancing act for sure, but there’s a secret. I call it simply Blessing. (Notice the adjective form here.) It goes a little like this –

Giving is way more fun than Getting.

Before you dismiss this as a cliché, try it first. Tell me how it works for you. Share it below PLEASE and practice your own unique Cheer of the Season.

So what am I saying? Happiness lies in the giving outside of our self. But don’t be fooled, this type of giving is exponential on the rate of return. Priceless ‘gifts’ will come your way at the perfect time when we give selflessly to others in need.

Until Next Year, Peace and Love


FULL DISCLOSURE: It’s truly humbling to treat your family in this manner. Yet I truly could not see myself continuing in the same manic manner only for my children to misunderstand the true meaning of he Season. If you’re apprehensive, try phasing it into your family tradition. I did that for years with gift cards to wholesome outlets only to see their confusion – I felt the need to be very clear and that took some deep soul searching. You’ve been warned!

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