The Princess Rules & Promises

The Princess Rules
And Promises

Is this your big visual of your future? All kidding aside, let’s just put it out there – I think we’ve all been there a time or two, idk? But I’m here to tell you, whatever you can imagine, you can manifest! Easier said than done so read on and decide for yourself. I believe in you – you’re here for a reason. You’ll hear about my Why a bit later.

Body by K has been a heartfelt connection of the Spirit with the BodyMind in every aspect from its inception in 2001. Hi, I’m Kimi, the Founder of Body by K, CHHP, ADDP (and a PhD Scholarship student in Naturopathic Medicine! Proof it’s never too late to educate- WHOOT!). My background is in Public Health (breast cancer research at USC & City of Hope) and I happen to be a yoga teacher, as well! Although feng shui may come up in this forum, I focus energetic transformation on homes as well in my design firm, Elements Design where we practice LEED Green Design and energetic use of space and sustainable living. I love what I do so much, my posse and I have decided to share a Primary Food system with you in a big way. I hope you not only learn something helpful, but have fun along the way. You’ll thank me later!

This group you have become a part of is a specialized extension for the actual elite personal or professional practioner who expect more – inspiration, support, knowledge, motivation, balance, collaboration and joy in success. How many of us are ‘living the dream’ inside and out with a long term plan of sustainability? Are you confident you can face the challenges ahead with exuberance in the future – jumping out of your skin excitement? Are you ready to shed your tired outgrown ideas for a new paradigm that is not only #doable, but preferred? Consistent productivity comes in all colors and shapes – reinvention isn’t necessary but certainly isn’t ruled out. I call it a Conscious Evolution that just happens to last a lifetime if lucky. I don’t believe in leaving our loved ones behind in this journey, since what is success without our loved ones as happy and loved as possible? Yes, bringing those of your family and friends along for the ride is essential – it’s up to you and your family exactly in what manner.

This Holistic Health Program (workshops, online, one on one, corporations – please see Flyer in Files on prices and times) practices drugless interventions without diagnosis, or labels. I feel that these labels are limiting and meant only as a temporary starting point as a matter of reference. I admit, it can be reassuring at times to just be told what the problem is and what to do, right? The question is – then what? what do you do with this frightening diagnosis and even gloomier prognosis? In truth, there may be a point when even a strong independent woman like you might want someone to just hold your hand to reassure and guide you into your own truth – that’s basically what I do. In fact, in time you’ll find your simple solution within my guided protocol, guaranteed. As long as you do your part, you will be rewarded with a renewed vitality that energizes and calms you throughout your day – without caffeine or other impulsive food choices. Freedom is a wonderful gift to give yourself – the side effects in this program will lead you to stable hormones and a flatter belly with the simple tweak of your diet and lifestyle.

Now, would you really allow a relative stranger to your body (MD) lead you, or a loved one, blindly through the maze of options without choices that are fully discussed, weighed and measured? We are talking about your health – and without it my friends, we have absolutely nothing. I’d suggest another approach – a sort of patient advocate, or Health Coach as it is also known. My own story strongly correlates with this scenario when my health was in grave jeopardy after 2 car accidents three years ago. I was given only six months to live – a diagnosis I refused to believe, but the seed had already been planted. I didn’t have anyone to turn to for fear of overwhelming my family and friends, or worse pitied. I gave up, literally stayed I bed for 3 days crawling out only when necessary. I was in excellent shape, great health, a family and thriving business – you know the dance we women do. I was pathetic with no where to go but up – literally. A miracle was mercifully negotiated between G*d and I of which as long as I am alive, I will tell my story to whomever listens. My end of the bargain was to give up the pity party and reach out to others. The furthest thing from my mind – why would anyone listen to the advice of someone who was on their death bed? Well, of course people do but what did I have to say? Too wrapped up in myself, I continued to be inspired not only by my son, but a dear friend who had recently passed with such grace and dignity it basically lifted me out of my pity party to heed her calling. Basically, unless that person (me now) had the faith and conviction to stand alone and be heard, this true story would have stopped then. Long story short (to be shared later), let me share my excitement for you now as I present what I learned and experienced beyond my wildest dreams! The road was long and difficult is an understatement and without the support of some very special people, I wouldn’t be here today. I call them my angels of mercy and will be forever in their debt. You know who you are and I love you with all my heart.

Lacking a graceful segue, let’s get to business. Certified Holistic Health Coaches (CHHP) have a range of backgrounds that apply to many varied conditions facing the population and are fast becoming the choice for smart patients and their loved ones. Although the role of a CHHC is ideally preventative, our healthcare system has turned into one of reaction rather than pro-action. CHHPs are preferred by holistic minded MDs and DOs, Chiropractors and PAs, as that personable resource to fill in the gaps. Getting to know you, really listen to you, and serve your best interests not excluding but alongside of your own family physician. you will then be empowered through a natural process of allowing the body to do as it’s intended (to heal) with as little interference or complication possible. CHHPs are trained to work closely with the allopathic field to coordinate optimal and best practices that suit your particular needs.

As a CHHP, I am also very capable of referring out, when necessary, a professional service to suit your needs. Even routine tests that are alternatives to expensive lab work requiring a prescription are available if you are without insurance. At times, these tests (I.e., saliva) are more accurate, so ask. For example, my holistic speciality is the endocrine system where I believe that not only the body’s thermostat is regulated, fertility flourishes, optimal brain and organ function is determined, major glands are in alignment with our chakras not to mention responsibility for our unique beauty. Our body and mind is nourished and flourishes while aging gracefully when the time comes. Foggy thinking, irritability even depression and sleeplessness are related in their very basis to a glandular foundation, either by a nutritional defiance (genetic or drug mugger), aging, stress our lack of downtime, diet and subconscious thought patterns brought on in our DNA, childhood or traumatic experiences. Anti-aging is a misnomer – the entire world – trees, mountains, animals – age as we must also. To defy such laws of nature is to bring only deep disappointment in the end, at best. Aging gracefully into a life of fulfillment at every stage is the ideal goal. To finish strong with minimal evasiveness and costly interventions is not only possible, but again #doable with the help and expertise of an expert CHHP.

Staying in your prime isn’t so difficult once you adjust your expectations to an optimal reality – become the best you possibly can at any age, radiant and confidently. Body by K, and myself Kimi Lebens, will work as close with you as you wish. Anything is possible, even miracles, as long as you’re willing to give something up. (And trust me, that ‘something’ is probably that security blanket you don’t need anymore anyway! Hello?)

Now, WHAT YOU’VE BEEN WAITING FOR!! When you follow these (& individual agreements), your SUCCESS is guaranteed within weeks – a lifetime investment that will change your life.

Notes From my Princess Diaries:

Princess Rules
#1 –
Exercise & change is painful. Don’t even try to go it alone – gather support here from myself and/or your posse now and rock your mission in style! Work out with a group of fello Princesses. So many options out there – don’t stop until you find your fit. You’ve got this! Together, we can all keep our inner Superhero shining bright.

#2 –
Hunger is a state of mind – kick impulsive eating to the curb! Binge no more. Eat to Live, not Live to Eat. Wise choices now promise an abundant future.

#3 –
Beauty comes from the inside out – eat your greens! Organic preferred, locally farmed and seasonal are optimal. Even in colder climates, they have resources for the winter months that I’d love to hear more about – Alaska, Canada, Sweden, Russia – what resources are best practices or up and coming in your area?

Princess Promises

I Promise you will look HOT in that clingy satin chemise from your honeymoon (or even your fave comfy robe!) when you’re tiara is on fire – you won’t even have to compete in any kind of Hunger Games – SuperHero powers will absolutely kick in out of the blue. Enjoy this high and journal every juicy moment.
Stay hydrated & Happy (refer to Chris Northrup, MD YouTube) – cure the sugar blues with a curtsy with attitude after kicking sweets to the curb
A Princess has a Nutritionista* to guide her every step of this pathway – promise!

*Nutritionista – CHHP &/or Holistic Dietician with a varied background and experience that ‘fit’ your protocol. Be choosy, but choose!

Included in 3/6 month program will be listed in separate flyer with cost breakdowns and availability. Reserve your space now and not only feel incredible for the holidays and new year, but look your absolute best ever!


IIN, JJ Virgin, Dr. Weil, Deepak Chopra, Sara Gottfried, MD, BraveHeart Women – Ventura Blossoms, Gabby Bernstein, AADP, Drew Canole, Dr. Hyman, Dr. Landrith, Dr. Michael Levry, Steve Sommer, MD PhD and Nora Ephron (to keep me sane)

Disclosure- “Body by Kreation” is an extension to “Body by K” FB page – If you have any of the apparel line, share a pic and win!

DISCLAIMER: There may be a chance that BBK may gain a commission of some products that will be donated to Leukemia Society.


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