Oxytocin; The Hugging Hormone

As I’ve been a big advocate of oxytocin producing best practices due to the epidemic of nagging environmental plagues such as lack of hugging, laughing, holding babies (any species), sex, … well, you get the picture. Oxytocin is a hormone that falls into disrepair without your mom or wife/girlfriend around. Sorry guys – but it is contagious. Point made. Easy for this?

So I recommend this idea as an evidence-based friendly reminder to plan a juiced up oxytocin weekend soon … with your Besties. Sharing these experiences are almost as effective to Oxytocin Inducement (OI) as the actual experience. (Ever experience, or witness, ‘leaking’ as the just the thought of a baby’s cry when lactating?)

As one of my favorite mentors, Sara Gottfried, MD, has mentioned recently,
“Do you agree that there’s nothing like a weekend with your girlfriends? While science has proven this, I want to learn about your experience with the alchemy of girlfriends. Combine girlfriend time with healthy food and burst training, and you’ve got a life recipe that truly serves you. I’m wishing you that lovely juxtaposition of being sore and satisfied from pushing yourself to your limits, plus time with your besties. We seem to face a modern plague of oxytocin and embodiment deficiency — and I hope you can take in the good of your girlfriends and the right dose of exercise this week. Sweat hard. Tend and befriend.”

You can thank me later … Happy OI Hunting you adventurous souls you! IMG_2584.JPG

oxytocin & bonding
oxytocin producing gland
more than the ‘Love Hormone’
OXYR – maladaptive behaviours
importance of oxytocin in childbirth

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