Can Mindful Meditation Help Me Make Better Choices?


Short answer: yes

There are literally hundreds of meditations available – from medical hypnosis to yogic chants – and all claim they work. How do you know which one is right for you, if any at all? Good question. Interesting answer.

Let’s start with another story of mine from my own experience. In this one, I’m 19 and in college full-time, working part-time as a waitress during the late shift and commuting a bit, living in the OC. Surfing was my outlet and I ate well enough, though sleep was wanting, I just couldn’t focus at times. Seeing signs of burn-out, my mother the psychotherapist, recommended I learn Self Hypnosis since I was a bit energetic to sit still long enough to meditate at that time. First things first. She taught me the basic principles and I’ve heard the stories of anonymous clients that it helped in her practice at the dinner table night after night. So I was confident in this technique and gave it try. Eventually she gave me a recording of a session for Focus and Confidence to use daily either upon rising or retiring. I found out later this is the optimal time of the mind’s use of theta waves, as you’ve probably experienced yourself in that half dreamy half awake state. This has been found to be the most suggestible period when one can make changes easily and rapidly – not to mention permanently. Well, you didn’t need to twist my arm to convince me to try it – what have I got to lose? Well, my mind for one my brother had provokingly teased. “What if it’s evil suggestions being implanted into your brain?“, he taunted. Not sure if he really meant it (my family has a knack for theatrics) but it did give me pause. Of course, I understood that what was being ‘implanted into (my) brain’ was all good, and invited, yet it worked so well I wondered if it was magic at the very least. I was on top of the world with my usual vitality and happiness again. My focus returned and I felt as if I floated from one goal to the next.

Fast forward to the present, and I can still vouch for hypnosis as well as meditation, although some Sanskrit chants are off limits for me – even some Buddhist’s practices have dark chants, so caution is recommended. However, for the most part I’ve found something for every circumstance in my life so far that is applicable. I wouldn’t use it as a crutch – at least not for more than 30 days at a time – just until desired results are achieved as if by second nature.

Neither is this practice suggested as a substitute for prayer, but as a complement to your spiritual practice. If you so choose to take only a scientific route, medical hypnosis has been proven to work with hard data to back it up. Anyone can just Google any habit to be removed + hypnosis research and you will uncover plenty. Although I have been creating my own recordings now for over 10 years, I have a few sites that can also steer you in the right direction. A few good ones are available at Hypnosis Network – Dr. Sara Gottfried swears by it. Victoria Wizell, a good friend of mine, has a very soothing approach that can be found at HypTalk.

If you’re interested in a Mindful Meditation recording of only 10 minutes, please let me know. If you think you can use a bit of willpower at the grocery store, let me be your angel on your shoulder for those first few minutes while you fight off your demons for sugar, pastries, processed food, and the like. (don’t expect me to steer you past the dark chocolate though!)
Mindful Meditation is a wakeful walking meditation that incorporates proactive participation. It’s fun and entertaining without the guilt trip. You’ll walk away feeling much better about yourself no matter what you actually choose to buy. Because after all, you are on a journey – and it all starts with that first step.

P.S. Custom recordings are also available after filling out an anonymous Questionnaire and a 30 min custom session will be delivered to you. Prices vary on treatment.

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