Is Love Enough?

When I first saw this clip, I was a bit uncomfortable with the premise of this
award winning short film. I found to my delight that the time (19:12) invested was well worth the watch. NOTE: watch this Indie when you feel a need to be humbled. I seem to watch The Chair on the edge of my seat just witnessing the scenes behind the scenes (all the while thinking of my son’s own burgeoning ‘musical/film career’). To this one film enthusiast, I see a portrayal – a coming of age – that isn’t your classic pubescent lanky boy (who are always so endearing), but a brave tween girl who finds out what it means to live in a world of conditional ‘love’ never feeling adequate, or quite enough as it were.
I’ll be honest, it does run a parallel of my childhood in two ways. One, I remember bullies taunting my brother (younger by 11 months & 1 day, God rest his soul) while feeling helpless to be of any aide. Secondly, it dawned on me one day after they teased, beat him and broke his glasses then stole his bike that enough is enough. Girl or not I will make this right without violence (those bullies were bigger and stronger than I). With my newly found 11 year old assertive flair, I ran to the school grounds looked the main thug in the eye and demanded the return of my brother’s bicycle. Of course, they then began eyeing me as perhaps another chip off the block of ‘turning the other cheek’. They were sorely surprised to find that they had already cashed in on that token, as far as I was concerned, and decidedly stood my ground as one spat in my face. Shaking in my weakened knees by then, adrenaline all but gone, I found my last spark of courage to end this sardonic game and get back what’s rightfully our family’s property. (Can you tell I was also the oldest?). ‘You don’t scare me’ was my only reply and to my dumbfounded disbelief, returned the bike to me begrudgingly. I felt a surge of exhilaration at having not only winning the bike back, but finally ending the bullying – at least for our family.
As I rode off into the sunset (with the satisfaction of also knowing my brother owed me, big time), the main thug desperately ran after me. What now? I wondered. With a shy silly grin on his face, he blurted, “Do you want to go steady?’ with money in his hand – no doubt liberated from one of his many victims. Ugh, so much for my bravado tactics. While I had no intentions of going ‘steady‘ with him (I already had a ‘steady‘, the Police Chief’s son of all people), I suppose in his own way he admired the fact that someone, anyone, finally stood up to him. Or was it merely just another infatuated lanky pubescent boy coming of age himself? One can only hope.

Author: giveback❤️

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