Life is about uncovering the things that provide meaning for us – love, movement, play, pleasure, connection, health, amazing food – and then finding ways to support them wholeheartedly. In the modern world, making this happen for ourselves can be a monumental challenge. My mission is to support you in living a life that matters by helping you create a foundation of health to work from. Maybe you are a parent looking to run around with your children without worrying about injuring yourself, or a massage practitioner wanting to walk your talk and take care of yourself better so you can take care of your clients better, or someone who just wants to feel better in their skin. Having a partner to help reduce stress, eat better, move better, sleep better and be more present can be the key needed to help transform your health so you can really do what matters.
A Health Coach is today’s modern answer to the health crisis transition of today.
Contact: kl.cam.ca@live.com

Excerpts Courtesy of http://www.whatmatterswellness.com
Photo courtesy of
Burning Man 2014

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