The Burnout Protocol

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There is still time for lots of healing potential. After consulting with your doctor and health coach, consider the Burnout Protocol if you’re feeling burnt, fatigued, mentally fuzzy or lots of generalized pain. For example, counterintuitive as it may sound, shoulder surgery clients will need to be released from PT to practice these moves. Even building the upper body too soon or too late can create complications. Upper body strength is needed in men and women to stabilize those ligaments and tendons supporting the entire shoulder area, including the neck. Body weight is a great form of strength training in the beginning stages – weights only as allowed per your therapist &/or Dr. If you’re at the stage of complete breakdown and cannot get out of bed, consider seeing an Integrative Doctor that understands your body like you do. I often work alongside Dr’s in these settings to help maintain progress. There is hope! Let’s get started…

Adrenals, Cortisol, Thyroid, oh my!

This is where yoga comes in as our special presentation. In fact, chanting/singing (certain sound waves – NAAM – are very healing to our bodies when practiced in particular ways that are fun and easy). While full breathing is optimal to the adrenal’s healing, bringing a seance of intention with every breath magnify so many benefits in a synchronistic manner. It’s simple – to loosen and warm up the body, try some cardio first to warm up – 5-10 minutes is adequate. Although dancing really is thought of as a social event, I enjoy turning on a playlist and dancing in the living room. (‘Happy’ from Pherrel is definitely on that list). Enjoy this because this what I like to call our childlike dolphin energy come into play. Have fun with this! Laughing is good for the soul and fights adrenal fatigue quickly. Try to get at least 10 min at a comfortable feel-good pace never over exerting. You can build up gradually to 30 minutes a day at 10 minute intervals. Strong research shows this to be as effective as 30 minutes in one shot. Practice 5 days minimum while listening to your body carefully.

Now on a mat (or even in bed still) lie in mountain relaxation pose (lie down with body in alignment yet relaxed – feet are ~6″ apart) to chill. Breathing deeply for a minute or two with eyes closed and focused between the brows. Listen to your mind/body – does it point out pain? Ask why and listen. Your body is your best barometer of your health – don’t delegate it to others without a full recon on your own.

Now exhale and bring arms up while bringing the right knee to the chest, holding with both arms on an exhale. While breathing evenly, bend knee to left with left hand (keeping hips down and in alignment). Reverse sides slowly. Still warming body up here. 🙂

Next on all fours, the cat/dog stretches the spine very slowly while breathing consciously. If feeling strong and there are no contra-indications, pick up the speed of alternating stretches while breathing strongly and a comfortable cadence as stamina allows. Be kind to yourself and respect your mind/body- each day will be a bit different. Enjoy the rhythmic movement and alternate with rotating shoulders and hips to finish this step.

Now this may be a challenge for some, but moving into down dog, (knees slightly bent and core strong) place your pituitary gland (ears) between your elbows and elongate the spine while stretching the hamstrings. Keep fingers and toes spread wide. Breathe. Eye position continues on the brow line between the eyes.

Almost there! Come up to standing mountain – feet shoulder width apart and arms up – stretching (breathe) to left, then to right slowly. Repeat to count of 4.

In standing mountain pose, now to unwind breathing fully in and out, relaxing your shoulders, bring oxygen into your lower belly for a count of 4 and exhale deflating your lungs fully for even longer and repeat this 3x to center and focus. Now

This simple but effective protocol can be done first thing in bed before getting up or after meditation/prayer. Think strong and lithe as a tiger/tigress while maintaining the swagger of the fun loving dolphin. This posture is very attractive and vibrates on a high level attracting our energy and thoughts bringing abundance and opening doors where there were only closed windows.

The art of NAAM and the energy of the Lion will be discussed in our next level of instruction. It is the second practice of three in the Beginner’s Burnout Protocol. As are most physical/mental/spiritual issues, change didn’t happen overnight. Neither will the ‘cure’ yet with discipline and some fun everyday, a bit will be chipped away here and there as needed replaced with self-control, vibrancy, healing and hope.

Our last free session we will discuss which foods are best to boost energy levels, accelerate learning processes and keep that edge at work, let alone getting frisky with your honey! I look forward to hearing from you all – feedback is most appreciated.

May many blessings fall down upon as you practice with good intentions.

Namaste. SatNam. Amen.

PS. Take your path seriously and with passion and keep moving forward. You’ve got this! Contact me personally at for more upcoming events, additional questions and progress reports. Or go to Facebook page Body by K to chime in and see how others are doing.

Any part of this material of EDS may be copyrighted. Can be copied where permission is given.


Also, check out the article on Oxytocin as an antidote and preventative measures that can lead to a better balanced life in the long run. Happy Trails.

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