So jazzed about juicing! My IIN friends have been uber generous as to their experiences and resource sharing. Let me back up a bit before I share this collective wisdom.
It’s not like I’m new to juicing – I’ve successfully broken 2 already. I started in the 90’s when my first born son was diagnosed with leukemia. (ref1) Without much assistance from anyone at the time (nor the vast World Wide Web), I was on a life-saving mission trekking the globe to find a cure and the cause. (Another post I promise).

In my years since then and in an effort to move on and put the past behind me (& the broken overused juicer), I began juicing again with another machine a friend insisted I have. I made a valiant attempt I think to resurrect any juiciness from scrubbed and washed produce every day until, yes, another one bites the dust.

Yes I missed the many benefits of being juicy and feeling fantastic, but definitely not missing the clean-up. I don’t know about you and everyone’s different, but I enjoy the prep work of cleaning, chopping, slicing and peeling my produce. It’s gritty work, like gardening, that puts me in touch with my food. I light a candle and with much meditative contemplation, I prepare (& pray) along with my new vision of a meal – shooting from the hip and creating as I go.

Yet my choice is now a simple blender – a red Hamilton Beach. A wedding gift probably intended for margaritas rather than mango pineapple juice. Yet it works for me – I love the fact I get every bit of the WHOLE produce rather than just the concentrated version. My family is now on board and asking for those great ‘smoothie’ recipes I used to make them. I’ve given them blenders now as gifts, with juicing recipes rather than a margarita accessories, and it does appear to be working for them.
Perhaps my intentions while working in the kitchen are behind it – or maybe, just maybe, my prayers are being heard after all.
Much Light

Cleansing —
I hope this is helpful for you 😊
Juice withdrew.com

The Big Picture —–
Help others with blood cancers —
Team Buddy

Ref1. Try telling the beautiful state of California you choose to use alternative methods to treat the cancer your child was mis-diagnosed by the nice healthcare system for weeks, and you’ll be threatened the loss of your beloved.

Options —
In a world of sometimes too many options, parents with children diagnosed with cancer have none. At least it can feel that way. Trust me I understand – I’ve been there and have helped many like you. Achieve that safety bet you’ve been taught to hold tight for your child and never let go. Your child needs you – you can do this!
Parents, you still have options that will help your child and still stay within protocol.
Until then, look for my next post and spread the light.

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