Agnostic Growing Up


Millions of people are demanding a palpable, user-friendly approach to modern life in order to keep up. We believe there is a peak in everyday life, an edge – fit, sex appeal, vigor and a sense of vitality. Yet in the moment, perhaps we also need a daily mystical spiritual experience.

We tend to simplify our meditative practices to a 5 minute repetition, a robotic 30 minute cardiovascular routine every day and perhaps even a bit of stretching and strengthening every other day. This is all well and good if you desire a trim and fit physique, indeed a necessary task to stay at peak. Yet is something missing?

Day by day our world demands a deeper consciousness of our experience within and without our world. Having felt a hole from inside, a void, that is insatiable is somewhat disheartening (no pun intended). Yet, is it really satisfied by more closet organization, more awesome technology, more cardio, … you get the picture, and it isn’t pretty.

Perhaps we need a Soul Overhaul by first admitting that our bodies have been in a concentration camp rather than revered as a matter of dancing light.

Light energy that is concentrated to the witness of being totally at one with nature. Realizing that we are not living in an object to escape, but a mystical temple to be revered. The light energy in our body is an embodiment of crystallized light divinized by our Creator to experience a divine radiance. Proposing an embodiment – a gesture of prayer in divine service of compassion to ourselves and others may be the secret fountain of youth.

The Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine are a marriage of this understanding of divine light and matter – prayer and action.

Our work then is not separate from our Father, but is a time for our Sacred Mother to be experienced in all details of inspired Creation. Once we experience our own divinity in nature, our species may end the torture of all nature and enable the Tantra of Tenderness in all Beings.

Author: giveback❤️

Just a gal makin' it in the world

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